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Update #25
a year ago from David Beattie

Thanks to all who made this fundraiser possible. Without a "grand in hand" I was not going to allowed up in the plane you see above. In fact, the guy you see jumping above is our 101 Years Young WWII D-Day Veteran and Grand Marshall of our Rotary District 6290 "Jump!4Polio'22" Dick Groat. The view is down the Michigan Lakeshore south of Grand Haven to Holland and the sliver of water is the 6-mile long Lake Macatawa feeding into Lake Michigan.

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Why we are fundraising for The Rotary Foundation
In 1985 there were 1000 cases of paralytic polio int he world EVERY DAY. Thanks to the Polio Eradication Process spearheaded by Rotary, UNICEF, WHO, CDC and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, there have been only 3 cased in the world in all of 2022 (as of 5/10/22. Realizing actual world-wide eradication is not out of the realm of possibility but getting to all the world's chidden every year to unsure newborns in every country are vaccinated is expensive. Help us raise money for this important project and join the promise to the world's children that soon there will never be another child stri9cken with this horrible disease.

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Suttons Bay-Leelanau Cpounty Rotarians and Friends for Dick Grout
a year ago
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David Beattie
“This ends up on a happy number for a guy born on the 17th! It this a wrap? who knows what other friends might raise their head or hand before this ends on Sept. 1! Thanks to all donors and jumpers!”
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Tony & Ginner Castillo
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John & Bonnie Gronberg
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