Update #1
9 days ago

Thanks to all of you who have already given to help me meet my goal of $1,500.00 for Jump! 4 Polio. Just a few days left, so I trust we'll get over that hump as we know a few more donations are on their way in. We've had cash donations and checks as well which I will turn in on Jump Day. It's exciting to think that we could end this journey of over 40 years to end a disease which effected so many lives of friends of mine over the years. I thank my parents for trusting the science, taking that leap of faith to get me immunized way back in the day so that I could be here now to take my own leap, or "Jump!" of faith and put a final nail in Polio's coffin!

Today, June 22, is my daughter's birthday so I am going to celebrate by doing District 6290 Jump!4Polio'22 in her and my family's honor!

Why I am fundraising for The Rotary Foundation

Polio Fund

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18 donations received

USD 100
Paul Leggett
2 days ago
USD 27
David Beattie
“Cash from friends...”
3 days ago
USD 200
Judith A Longinette
“I love you ❤️ David Beattie You are my favorite ⭐️❤️”
7 days ago
USD 200
francisco and phyllis
“Go, Bro! (But does it have to be out of a plane...??)”
7 days ago
USD 100
Steve Harris
“Land softly, David! Thanks for including us.”
8 days ago
USD 200
Jeanne Slenk
“Go David!!!”
9 days ago
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