Tips for success

Add a photo

Add an image to your fundraiser which will be the first thing your supporters see. Make sure it’s personal, memorable and unique.

Use a personal photo rather than clipart or stock images. Be sure you have permission to use your photo.

Photos of people or animals are particularly good at catching the eye and encouraging an emotional response. If people feel something when they look at your page, they’re much more likely to donate.

Ideally you should upload a high quality jpeg or png sized to a minimum of 1280(w) × 720(h).

Tell your story

Tell your supporters about yourself and why you are fundraising for The Rotary Foundation. Explain why the cause you’re raising money for matters to you and how donations will make an impact.

You don’t have to be the world’s best writer to make this effective, just follow these steps:
- Introduce yourself
- Describe the reason for your fundraiser
- Explain what the money being raised is for
- Ask for support
- Be personal, detailed and optimistic

Make the first donation

Lead by example, kick things off by donating to your own fundraising page. If other people can see that you’ve already had a donation they’ll be more likely to do the same.

Include a video

Fundraising pages featuring a video raise more money and it’s not hard to understand why. Your supporters will be used to watching and sharing videos on social media, so they’re much more likely to engage with a fundraising page that has a video on it.

Recording a video doesn’t need to be complicated. Just tell your fundraising story, upload it to YouTube and add the link to your page by clicking the Add video link you can see in the image below. Including a video has the potential to double your likelihood of fundraising success.

Share on Facebook, Twitter, and email.

Social media is a great way to spread the word about what you’re doing and get donations from people beyond your immediate family and friends. Share posts, videos and photos about how your fundraising is going regularly and be sure to use relevant hashtags to help your posts be seen by as many people as possible!

Keep people updated

Once people know you are fundraising, keep them up to date on your progress. Let supporters know when you hit a fundraising or training milestone. Share stories that show why their support is needed.

Get creative with how you update your supporters by posting images or live streaming on your social media page.

Pick an appropriate end date

Did you know that 20% of donations come in after a fundraising event has ended? Make sure you keep your page open for a while after your event or challenge has happened. Share it again and thank everyone who has donated so far. You never know who might still be feeling generous.

Extend your end date

On the last day of your fundraiser, extend it! Extending the date can only happen while the fundraiser is active. Set a reminder to extend your fundraiser to meet your goal.

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