Update #2
a month ago

Thank you to the donors thus far (Brad and Brenda) - and a thanks coming to Phil King of our club who has pledged $200 towards my goal. That puts us 40% of the way there !

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Polio Fund

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10 donations received

USD 25
Cara Galbavi
“To push you over the edge of your donation goal to thank you for pushing yourself over the edge and jumping. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!”
5 days ago
USD 320
Jacques Labo
“This represents donations from Rotarians Phil King ($300) and John Nash ($20) - Thank you both!!”
7 days ago
USD 25
Stefanie Herder
9 days ago
USD 50
Tom Boven
10 days ago
USD 50
Chaz Fisher
10 days ago
USD 50
Scott Navarre
18 days ago
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