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Update #14
9 days ago from Jenny McLaughlin

Please help me eradicate Polio once and for all. I am going to try and do 100 push ups 💪 per day.

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Why we are fundraising for The Rotary Foundation
Central Blue Mountains Rotary Club in NSW Australia will be conducting a fitness project called ‘Polio Pushups’ Challenge between 1st October - 24th October, 2023. This Challenge is open to anyone, anywhere in the world. You do not need to be in Rotary. The entry fee is very affordable ($10). This is a fun event and there will be various activities that participants can enter and follow on social media.

Help us reach our goal of raising $50 000 AUD for Polio Plus. For every dollar you contribute, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will match with an additional two dollars.

Individuals will be able to choose their preferred style and quantity of Pushups to challenge themselves. Sponsors can see snaps of your tracking sheet, your personal pictures and comments on your very own page.

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Lyndal Young
“Go for it Eric!!!!”
donation to ERIC
AUD 50
McLaren Family
“We are cheering you on everyday that you have accepted this challenge for! Go Mum/Grandma”
donation to Jenny
3 days ago
AUD 100
Anonymous donor
“You have to do another 100 push ups now”
donation to John
3 days ago
AUD 100
John Campbell
donation to John
6 days ago
AUD 25
Michelle Madden
“Go Jenny!”
donation to Jenny
7 days ago
AUD 250
Raymond Sproats
donation to Margaret
9 days ago
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