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As many of our FB peeps know Marilyn and I are Rotary members committed to making our world a better place through literacy projects, environmental projects, disease and health improvements etc. END POLIO is a 35 year effort to totally eradicate polio in the world. There are just two country's that are not "polio-free". Afghanistan and Pakistan. We in Rotary are working and raising money to eliminate the decease in those two countries. This year Marilyn Harmsen Pokorny and I are tag teaming to ride a spin cycle in the Shops of Highland Village for 30 minutes on October 24th as our challenge. Please consider donating to our challenge using the link below.
In our Covid 19 world creating awareness of our END POLIO challenge is a challenge in of itself. You might me interested in knowing that in some countries, the same infrastructure set-up to test for polio is being used to test for the presence of the Covid 19 viruses. The polio teams test the water in streams looking for polio that shows up from human waste. They now are doing that same testing procedure to look for the Covid 19 virus.

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