Update #3
3 years ago

Wow guys....so thankful for your support.

Last day to prepare so I'm tuning up the bike to make sure I have a safe ride.

Might have to wear a balaclava tomorrow. Although it's going to be 23 today, tomorrow the best we'll do 7 degrees !!!

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13 donations received

USD 40
Raf Abdul
“You did amazing on your race :) ”
3 years ago
USD 15
Mario Cappa
3 years ago
USD 15
Mike Cappa
3 years ago
USD 50
Marcey & Rick Strosberg
“Wishing you a great ride for an important cause, John! Keep warm!”
3 years ago
USD 10
On behalf of Orlando and Lucy Titaro
3 years ago
USD 25
Stuart Wright
3 years ago
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