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4 months ago from June Mergl

This Memorial Pedal for Polio annual event is run in honor of my husband, Dr. Ron Mergl, who was very passionate about Rotary's ideals to make a polio-free world. It's possible, and Rotary is very close to doing that. Ron was amazing--his idea was to join actual polio vaccination projects in India (4 weeks) and Benin, West Africa (3 weeks) using our own money to travel there--and drag me there along with him, something I have never regretted. Thank you for any donation you can give!

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Brenda Bagley
“Thank you Elaine”
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4 months ago
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Beth Fleeton
“Way to go Elaine, we're almost there...Will plan to join you next year!”
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4 months ago
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Mike Clarke
“Tried to split this across all our club members but their fundraisers were closed. ”
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4 months ago
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Mike Clarke
“Nice work Cosmo!! Mike”
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4 months ago
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Rima Hindo
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4 months ago
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Catherine Willard
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4 months ago
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