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3 months ago

And the journey of the little people continues... I am currently for work in Singapore and will use my leave to tour Asia a little bit. Based on the amount of keyrings I still have, I made approx. 200 little people since last year and will bring these limited edition keepsakes to the stopovers in Ha Long Bay and Zhuhai.

I look forward to meeting crew and staff but also supporters in the stopovers especially as some had been on leg 1 or training with me. This way my Clipper journey continues and the good efforts towards UNICEF and Rotary equally grow.

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Why I am fundraising for The Rotary Foundation
2023 will be a year full of new experiences.

After more than 25 years of sailing experiences I will cross my first ocean this way.

Every day on the water is another day full of experiences and learnings. Sailing is fun, thrilling, and at the same time relaxing. It asks all sorts of capabilities: thinking outside of the box, being observant as well as ingenious, all while basing yourself on fundamentals and humility towards nature's forces.

Therefore, I use my race preparation and travel afterwards once more to raise awareness and funds for the basic education and literacy programs of the Rotary Foundation.

As I am only doing Leg 1, I will “unplug” during the race, but keep you updated here before and after my Atlantic Crossing.

Basic Education and Literacy

Together, we can empower communities and help support basic education and literacy and reduce gender disparity in education.

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