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For anyone following us you can do this here https://www.vesselfinder.com/vessels/CV8-IMO-0-MMSI-235009350

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Why I am fundraising for The Rotary Foundation
2022 marks my personal 25 year anniversary of sailing education. Every day on the water is another day full of experiences and learnings. Sailing is fun, thrilling, and at the same time relaxing. It asks all sorts of capabilities: thinking outside of the box, being observant as well as ingenious, all while basing yourself on fundamentals and humility towards nature's forces.

Therefore, I use my training for the race once more to raise awareness and funds for the basic education and literacy programs of the Rotary Foundation, as I believe that education, regardless of the form it comes in, is so important.

This year marks Year 2 of my Clipper Around the World Race experience and will hopefully result in at least two amazing weeks of training in the UK. Level 2 is all about offshore sailing and life onboard while Level 3 will go much deeper into the Clipper technique with asymmetric spinnaker training and racing techniques.

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Basic Education and Literacy

Together, we can empower communities and help support basic education and literacy and reduce gender disparity in education.

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Jordy Gruhl
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Reinoud Hoes
“Good luck with the race Caroline! Remember to keep it safe (but winning is also important) ;)”
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Nekie Ninduwezuor-Ehiobu
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Roberta Howlett
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Rachel Hendron
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