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Pakistan Flood Response Fund

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Pakistan Flood Response Fund

Donations to The Rotary Foundation’s Pakistan Flood Response Fund will be used to provide humanitarian aid to regions affected by the flooding in Pakistan.

Many of us have seen images of the catastrophic flooding in Pakistan that has affected millions of people. Since the monsoon season last year, Rotary members have used disaster response grants to support devastated communities — but people need more help. They are struggling to find food after crops were destroyed. A lack of clean water means diseases can spread. And families being displaced means children cannot attend school. To address this ongoing, urgent need, The Rotary Foundation has created the temporary Pakistan Flood Response Fund. Donations will be accepted until 31 December 2023 and grants awarded until 30 June 2024 or until the money is spent. Any unused funds will be transferred to the Disaster Response Fund.

Together, we can offer our support to these communities.

How it works

There are endless occasions to raise funds and to donate: personal events, athletic challenges, good resolutions, extraordinary ideas, etc.
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