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Brazil Flood Response Fund

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Brazil Flood Response Fund

Donations to The Rotary Foundation’s Brazil Flood Response Fund will be used to provide humanitarian aid to regions affected by the flooding in Brazil.

The Rotary Foundation has created the Brazil Flood Response Fund in the wake of devastating flooding in the southern part of the country that has affected more than 1.45 million people. Contributions to the fund will support disaster response grants for member-led projects that provide supplies to people in the state of Rio Grande do Sul who have been displaced from their homes or lack power and access to clean water. The fund will accept donations through 31 August 2024 to make funding available for relief efforts led by Rotary members in the area. If the needs diminish, or if more funds are raised than are requested through disaster response grants, then donations may eventually be used to respond to disasters elsewhere in the world.

Events like this can devastate communities without warning, leaving people in urgent need of medical care, housing, and other basics they need to survive. Together, we can help the people in Brazil who have experienced these catastrophic floods.

How it works

There are endless occasions to raise funds and to donate: personal events, athletic challenges, good resolutions, extraordinary ideas, etc.
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