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Update #2
4 days ago

We are just getting started with this donation platform but, have been raising funds through other channels with very good success. Hopefully this platform will help us achieve our goal of ONE MILLION dollars for PolioPlus. Thank you Terry and David for your donations to get this started and hopefully in our lifetime Polio will be eradicated.

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Why we are fundraising for The Rotary Foundation
We have entered Race Across America (RAAM) for 2021…our 5th time. This time we will have Kurt Matzler going SOLO rather than our usual four-person team!! RAAM is one of the 25 most difficult events in the world and about 30 countries are represented in the race. With 3000 miles distance and over 100,000 feet of climbing (that’s more than three times Mt. Everest), it is an intense, grueling, and challenging bicycle race. However, it is not as grueling or as challenging as living with polio. The race starts June 15th, 2021 in Oceanside, CA, and ends in Annapolis, MD, hopefully, eleven days later. In our 1st four races we have raised over $3 Million for PolioPlus...will you help us make it FOUR MILLION?

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USD 25
Ross Snider
4 days ago
USD 100
Terry Ziegler
«A Win For Polio Eradication Is a Win For Global Health!»
4 days ago
USD 200
10 days ago