Why I am fundraising for The Rotary Foundation
The 2021 Ride to End Polio raised total $2,996,868. Through the 12-plus years of participation (including indoor), Rotary has raised more than $56 million to help fight Polio. Amazing!!!

We are so close to beating Polio, very few cases worldwide. Saving millions of children from becoming disabled and dependent for life is critical. Thanks for helping support our Ride to End Polio!! Sandy

Polio Fund

Your donation helps Rotary reach every child with the polio vaccine.

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Sarah Sheehan
6 days ago
Ebubechukwu Ndudi
7 days ago
USD 100
Sue Horton
22 days ago
USD 25
Barbara Mezinko
23 days ago
USD 75
Sharon Gaiptman
27 days ago
USD 100
Kathy Dean
27 days ago
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