Update #4
2 months ago

Update #4:
Where are you? I am back in Middle Tennessee and loving it.
What happened? My trail partner broke his foot and after four days alone, I realized that unlike the AT there are very few through hikers on the MST.
What is the plan? If you have not hiked the State Parks in Middle Tennessee, you should visit these jewels. I am averaging 65 – 70 miles a week in on our State Park Trails, Rails to Trails and any trail I can find that is at least 10 miles long to hike. My log has me at 350+ miles of 1175 that the MST would have covered.
In July, if my trail partner is up for it, we will kayak the 175 mile stretch together and I will finish logging the promised 1000 miles of trekking.
Is this what we envisioned at the onset, hardly. If you compare this to how Rotary thought we could eradicate Polio inside 20 years in the 1980s, you can understand that things don’t go as planned.
If we don’t raise another cent for Polio Eradication, we have done something. After 1 July, as promised I will donate the second half of my pledged $1100 to Polio. With only two cases reported this year to date, we must continue funding this effort if we are to totally eradicate the disease.
How can you help? Beyond the obvious response of donating to eradicate Polio. If you have a favorite hike in Middle or within two hours’ drive, I am looking for great trails to cover. If you want to go log some miles, the company would be much appreciated for some longer overnight trails.

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Why I am fundraising for The Rotary Foundation
Wanna Help Fund the Eradication of Polio? Join me.

Hello! My name is Robert and beginning May 19th, 2021, I am walking across North Carolina via the Mountain to Sea Trail. This 3-month trip includes walking 1,000 miles and kayaking over 175 miles. Why? Because we are “this close” to eradicating polio, a world-wide debilitating disease. My goal is to raise awareness and funds for the Rotary International Polio Eradication Program.

The Why
In life, we arrive at a point where we realize how fortunate we are and how vastly different our life would have been if we had been personally impacted by polio. For me, it would have meant no Friday nights playing football, no learning to fly helicopters, no long marathon runs, no bicycling across Tennessee or long walks on the beach with the person I love.

The road to eradicating polio has been a long and difficult one, with Rotary International leading the fight since 1985. Billions of dollars and countless volunteer hours have been

Polio Fund

Your donation helps Rotary reach every child with the polio vaccine.

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