Update #3
2 years ago

Thank you to everyone that made a donation for the Pedal For Polio District 7090 Rotary Fundraiser.
What a great day for a ride, the weather was beautiful.
My friend John Coppolino rode with me and we had lots of fun.
Looking forward to the 2022 Pedal for Polio Ride.
Thanks again everyone it's greatly appreciated.
Paul Gordon
Rotary Club of Hamilton

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24 donations received

CAD 200
Rick Giuliani
2 years ago
CAD 30
Mary Helwig-Hall
2 years ago
CAD 20
Barbara Rogers
2 years ago
CAD 25
Sandra Cronk
2 years ago
CAD 50
Lydia Garland
2 years ago
CAD 25
Patricia Mongeon
2 years ago
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