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a year ago

I am going on my annual cross-country motorcycle ride, and would like to raise money for Polio Plus. The ride will be anywhere from 8,000 to 10,000 miles long, depending on how sore my hindquarters get.
As a polio survivor, its an important project for me. I have been blessed to visit India four times to participate in National Immunization Days.
Please support this cause for me.

Why I am fundraising for The Rotary Foundation

Polio Fund

Your donation helps Rotary reach every child with the polio vaccine.

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USD 250
Richard Benson
a year ago
USD 20
will high
“Good on ya John. Sacrificing a sore butt for a good cause. I do the same but on a bicycle. Non the less, sore is sore and I have empathy for you. Keep on truckin.”
a year ago
USD 100
Kevin Cogan
a year ago
USD 50
Linda Kohl
a year ago
USD 200
John "Walter" Kramb
a year ago
USD 100
Jeff Schaller
a year ago
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