Update #2
17 days ago

I'm going final prep for tomorrow's 102 mile ride in the Tour de Tucson. The only hanging item is getting my video stream to work. I'm having serious issues with my GoPro streaming reliably to Twitch. I can't spend most of my ride babysitting the stream...that's neither fun or safe.

SO....I'm going to record the ride on my GoPro and not stream it. I'll be streaming Facebook Live from my phone, but it will be me talking to the camera (scary!) and Gretchen will be livestreaming the start from my Twitch link from the balcony of our Hotel, which is right next to the starting area.

I'll do the Facebook Live stream as public, so you won't need to be already one of my Facebook friends to watch it. You can find me at gary.bren

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Why I am fundraising for The Rotary Foundation
Recent events in New York have proven the importance of bringing Rotary's battle to end Polio to it's close. To make that happen we need your help to raise the funding needed to draw this battle to it's final end.

37 years ago, Rotary embarked on a mission to eradicate Polio. A volunteer organization...not a government or government supported organization...made that commitment. At that time, Polio was endemic in 125 countries and there were over 400,000 cases a year.

As of September 4th, there were 16 cases year to date in the only two remaining endemic countries: Pakistan and Afghanistan. Rotary's efforts to date have prevented 15,000,000 people from being paralyzed and hundreds of thousands of deaths.

They said India would never be Polio free. That happened 8 years ago.

They said Africa would never be Polio free. That happened 3 years ago.

Help us make the world Polio Free.

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