Update #4
6 months ago

I can't thank those of you that have donated to Tom, Pat, and myself enough...your donation helps Rotary fulfill a promise to the children of the world that the monster of Polio would be beaten.

As I've noted previously, for those of you lacking reasonable entertainment on Saturday I’ll be live streaming it from my bike. I’ve had a number of non-Facebook users tell me they’d like to watch the live stream so instead of Facebook, I’ll be using Twitch.

Starting at around 6:50AM Mountain Standard Time Saturday morning (11/20), I'll start the stream on Twitch. The URL is https://www.twitch.tv/garyebren. You can access that URL from any browser on any platform. Thanks again for your support for Tom, Pat, and I!

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Why I am fundraising for The Rotary Foundation
It's easy to let Rotary's battle to eradicate Polio become routine after 36 years of a hard fight...but we are on the cusp of doing something that has only been done one other time: eradicating a disease.

We have gone from 450,000 cases a year in 125 countries to only 2 cases in two countries year to date. Our support-your support-has never been more critical than to follow through for this last less than 1%....the hardest percent. We need to get Pakistan and Afghanistan from 1 case to 0 and then maintain that world-wide for three years.

Over the last 36 years Rotary has helped vaccinate 3.5 billion children and in the process has prevented 19 million people from being paralyzed and perhaps as many as 500,000 from dying. In today's world where someone in Asia can be in North America in a day, it's essential we get the job done. Your contribution is a contribution to protect the children of the world...because while Polio can strike anyone, it's prime target is children.

Polio Fund

Your donation helps Rotary reach every child with the polio vaccine.

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