Why I am fundraising for The Rotary Foundation
Carbon emissions are a primary cause of global warming, and human energy needs are the primary source. Consider:

1. It IS the truth
2. It most decidedly NOT fair to all concerned.
3. Compensating will create good will and better friendships.
4. Fighting the primary cause of global warming WILL be beneficial to all concerned.

We can fund global grants that will compensate for our energy use, by mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and helping to adapt to climate change.

The Environment

Support activities that conserve and protect natural resources, advance ecological sustainability, and foster harmony between people and the environment.

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12 donations received

USD 20
Richard DeBeau
11 days ago
USD 25
“Love being to give to Rotary Environmental Projects”
a month ago
USD 200
Anonymous donor
“I have gratitude I can travel and broaden my world view. However, being mindful on the potential impact I am thank ful I can give back to a cause that will help reverse the impact of that travel. ”
a month ago
USD 20
Anonymous donor
a month ago
Cornelia Sprung
“Carbon offset for my flight to Zone Institute last week. Thanks for making this easy!”
2 months ago
USD 29
Leslee Hamilton
“Thanks for the Flight Carbon Estimator!”
2 months ago
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