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22 days ago

What a wonderful time D7780 enjoyed on Saturday evening meeting pilots Peter Teahen and John Ockenfels as they begin their journey around the world! It was an inspiring time - certainly made us all proud to be Rotarians and part of this amazing journey to end polio. Special thanks to Portsmouth Rotary for all their assistance and to Hobson’s Choice for the great entertainment! Drum roll, please! We are 88% to our goal! Many thanks to all who have so generously supported this effort!

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Join D7780 Rotarians as we help The Flight to End Polio to take off on their round the world trip. We will see off pilots Peter Peahen and John Ockenfels at a launch party on 6 May at Port City Air, Pease Air Base, Portsmouth, NH. From D7780, the crew will begin their flight across the Atlantic and continue their journey around the world. Together we will raise awareness that the goal to eradicate polio is not over. Join us in raising the funds needed to keep Rotary’s promise to the children of the world to finally ensure that this crippling disease will not affect another child. Oru goal is to raise $20,000. Won’t you join us on this historic flight to end polio?

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Phil Spiller
“Best of luck to a couple fellow pilots in this wonderful fundraiser !!!”
22 days ago
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RC Westbrook Gorham
24 days ago
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