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4 months ago

On October 24th, 2022, the City of Vancouver will present the Proclamation of World Polio Day to representatives from the seven Vancouver Area Rotary Clubs (photo below from 2021). This will be followed by an END POLIO NOW walk from Vancouver City Hall to Science World to raise awareness and donations.

In the evening, the lights at City Hall and Science World will glow red to acknowledge World Polio Day (Gabor Gasztonyi Studio photo above from 2020).

Everyone is welcome to join our Vancouver END POLIO NOW walk (contact Ron Suzuki - - for details) or to support Rotary's END POLIO NOW campaign through the Donate Now and Share links above.

Why we are fundraising for The Rotary Foundation
Polio is a paralyzing and deadly infectious disease that mainly affects children. There is no cure, but polio is preventable with a vaccine.

Rotary has been working to eradicate polio for more than 35 years with the result that only two two countries (Afghanistan & Pakistan) remain endemic. We’ve reduced cases by 99.9% since 1988 (350,000 cases in 1988 to 6 confirmed cases in 2021).

However, the recent re-emergence of polio in the US, UK and other countries considered to be Polio-free reinforces the fact that polio anywhere is a threat everywhere.

Join our effort to eliminate this devastating disease from our world by walking with us on October 24th, or donating to Rotary's END POLIO NOW campaign through the link above.

Polio Fund

Your donation helps Rotary reach every child with the polio vaccine.

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