Update #2
2 months ago

Good day everyone,

Thank you once again for supporting my fundraiser for the World Fund. As you know, our WF is what allows us to continue to do the important work of our Rotarians. I enjoyed serving as your Trustee for the last 4 years and please know that I'm here to help or offer any support you may need. Many of you who contributed also deserve a huge thank you and sincere appreciation for all you continue to do. Special thanks. Brenda

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Why I am fundraising for The Rotary Foundation
Doing Good with the World Fund

I’m raising money for the World Fund because it provides unrestricted funds to support all of the Rotary Foundation’s good work!

The Rotary Foundation’s World Fund supports worldwide grants like global grants and other initiatives that help communities around the world. Today, these grants are more popular than ever, and we need a strong World Fund to continue supporting Rotarians in their good work.

Global grants require six elements of sustainability in their design: start with the community, encourage local ownership, provide training, buy local, find local funding, and measure your success. These ensure that the project provides long-term solutions that the community itself can support after the grant ends. What’s not great about that?

I hope you’ll join me!

World Fund

World Fund gifts are unrestricted providing flexibility to be used where it is needed most.

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7 donations received

USD 25
Eric Schmelling
11 months ago
USD 100
Eugene Duffy
“There is no better organization that is the bedt Stewards of how the money is used. Consider whatever you can do. Thanks ”
11 months ago
USD 100
Joan Firkins
11 months ago
USD 25
David Bender
“Best of luck with this important fundraising initiative!”
11 months ago
USD 50
Michael Drake
“To support the Rotary Foundation and to thank Brenda for her leadership in our Zone 26 and as a Trustee of TRF.”
a year ago
USD 200
Brenda Cressey
a year ago